Disney Infinity Starter Packs

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Fantastic Characters. Fantastic Experiences. Collaborate.

Heroes and villains. Sorcerers and superheroes. Princesses and pirates. For generations, Disney narration as well as Wonder journeys have actually triggered our imaginations with characters as well as globes of magic, action, and adventure. Now, Disney Infinity invites you and your household to go into those globes in game encounters only Disney, Marvel, Star Wars - as well as your creativity - could give birth to.

Personality Figures

Disney Infinity Character Figures are utilized in the video game. Simply place your Disney Infinity Figures on the Base to unlock content in the video game. Use included Internet Codes to unlock your Disney Infinity Character Numbers electronically on your COMPUTER, apple iphone, or iPad.

Disney Infinity Base

The Disney Infinity Base connects to your console via a USB port. Just place your Disney Infinity Numbers, Play Set pieces, and also Power Discs on the Base to unlock content in the game. The Disney Infinity Base is had to utilize:

Play Sets
Power Discs

Optional Upgrades

Additional Disney Infinity Numbers
Plaything Box Development Games
Power Discs
Play Sets

These upgrades unlock additional content to increase your Disney Infinity collection and also encounters. Likewise download Disney Infinity Toy Boxes made by the area in the Plaything Box Share location in your video game!